Here's the full list of all options which could be used.


		// more options are listed below.
Option Type Default Description
srcAttribute String bgsrc Attribute that specifies the URL of the background image.
noChild Boolean true Background added to the selector that given while intalize doZoom if you want to add background to child turn this option to false.(next option related)
selector String .item DOM element for child that background will be add to.
includeParent Boolean true If noChild is false you want do zoom even when mouse or toch not over child only but also it's parent.
defultSize String cover Default background size will be add before dozoom .
autoCover Boolean false Make bacground size cover mathematically to make transition work .
restSize Boolean false Reset Background size when leave bacground container.
restPosition Boolean false Reset Background position when leave bacground container
showError Boolean true displayed Error Message.
errorMessage String Faild to load image Error Message text.
hideError Boolean true Hide error after it's displayed
errorDuration Number 3 The time (in seconds) to display the error before hide.
additionWidth Number 0 Add Or Subtract width
additionHeight Number 0 Add Or Subtract height
debug Boolean false Show debugging console
undo string - Removes all events and elements created and attached by DoZoom for selected element (Destroy).